Saturday, June 20, 2009

Utah man sir, Utah man am I!

So after a lot of applications and interviews, Tyler got a job in UTAH! We are so excited. It wasn't looking like we were going to get to stay here because the law market is so bad, but Tyler started this week and is enjoying it. We feel so blessed. We had a good run of lazy days and fun together while he wasn't working though. It's funny, because I know we will always cherish the time Ty wasn't working and could spend so much time with us.

I've been really bad at taking pictures lately, but here are Otie's 9 month pics. we went to the pediatrician this week and he described Otis as long and lean.

weight: 19.1 lbs (25th percentile)
length: 29.5 in (79th percentile)
head: 48 cm (98th percentile)

So considering how massive his head is, the rest of his body really is pretty skinny. An he only weighs 4 ounces more than he did at 6 months so he's really been burning off that baby chub. Probably because he NEVER stops moving- all day he's standing up and down on things, crawling as fast as he can to dirt or plants to put in his mouth before I can stop him. He now knows that he's not supposed to chew on electrical cords or computer wires, so he tries to sneak to those when we're not looking.

checking out his favorite toy (my phone) from a distance

My sister Betsy did the Battle at Midway Triathlon last week. She did so amazing, I was so proud of her! And the run was insane. It was WAY harder than the run in any tri that I have ever done, and she didn't stop to walk once.
Good job Bets!!