Sunday, September 30, 2012

Summer fun

Love the London Transport Museum
I think that sweet Lucy might be Otie's first love.
Movie parties with Rylee and Lucy
Not as much snuggling when it's just the two of them...
Hyde Park Lido
London North Picnic with Pauline, Peggy and Jean
London North Primary paint party
 Family rides in the Christiania
London town.
 Gymnastics at the Talacre Center
 Freezing swims at the Parliament Hill Lido

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Italy through the lens of Kjrsten Madsen

I love Kjrsten's photography style. I love that she uses only real film. I love her family. And I love her.
It was an amazing trip. When you live so far from family, it's nice to have friends that feel like family. July 2012

Cinque Terre and Lake Como, Italy

The Madsen's were going to Italy for a week in July so we decided to invite ourselves along for a long weekend.  We flew into Milan (courtesy of EasyJet, the cheapest and most uncomfortable mode of transportation) and drove a few hours to get to Cavi where we were staying. Milly got hand, foot, mouth disease a few days before we left and we weren't sure if we should go, but against all moral decency we decided to take her on a plane and go for it. I have no regrets.
Poor girl sat outside the hot tub while the other kids swam until the last day when she was mostly healed.
 Milly incognito on the plane. We had her wear Otie's shirt to cover her sores (*note: one doctor said they aren't contagious after the blisters appear) but I felt like a was smuggling a dangerous substance on a plane and was physically sick about it. Worst airport experience of my life.
We stayed in Cavi and took a ferry to visit the different towns of Cinque Terre. 
 Poor Milly June. It was hot and she had to stay completely covered.
 Lake Como 
 We rode the funicular, ate gelato (I think we had it 11 times in 4 days), and wandered around.
 Lake Como was beautiful. We took a boat ride around the lake, which both kids slept through making it quite a pleasant experience.
Now I will do a separate post with Kjrsten's pictures since her pictures never cease to amaze me.