Friday, April 24, 2009


We're back in Utah. Ty is on the job hunt and has a few good leads. I think he's applied to jobs in almost every city in the country so we could really end up anywhere at this point. We're happy to be around friends and family and have been having alot of fun. Otis is getting really close to crawling- he gets on his hands and knees and can scoot backwards and hop forwards, but mostly likes just going up into a pike on his head like down-dog in yoga.

Otie turned 7 months. As you can see he chewed through the first "7 month" sign, so we had to make another one. (p.s. the panda bear is somewhere on a boat getting shipped over with all our stuff, I really hope to have it and everything else I need before the 8 month pic!)

He loves (mostly chewing on) this IKEA Atlas. It's the perfect size to set in front of him
he got his first tooth!!
We had a great Easter with family
spent some time at the beach
lots of giggling with Grandma

He could bounce in this jumper all day

Sunday, April 5, 2009

So long mates!!

Otie's buddies planned a little going away party for him at Hampstead Heath. These people really know how to picnic like pros, the food was delicious!They surprised us with some nice gifts, including a little picture book for OtisOtie and Pearce- looks like Otis is about to punch him in the face

Otis and Cate

Can't wait for the reunion in New Zealand!

Other friends we are going to miss dearly is everyone the London North Ward.
Jean and Peggy are some of my favorite people in the whole world. Peggy is almost completely blind and would always ask me to bring "Otis William" right up to her so she could see the "dignified young lad"This video doesn't do them justice, but they were always reminding Otis that they were his "English Nannies"


Otis is loving real food. He was never too keen on rice cereal- he would eat a little then just spit it out or blow his lips together. Sweet potatoes and zucchini, on the other hand, he will basically inhale and he gets frustrated because I can't get it to him fast enough.

Not the best video, but a little example of how he used to blow his lips together instead of eating the rice cereal

Thursday, April 2, 2009


My favorite way to travel is to wake up not knowing what you're doing that day or where you're sleeping that night. We happened upon this barn in the countryside that had been converted to little places to stay. There were sheep out the window, we had brown water and owners were a really cool old Irish couple who brought us homemade scones when we arrived. It felt very authentic. The last morning we woke up to see this huge rainbow- it was perfect.
We travel at a much slower pace these days, with frequent stops at parks to play, McDonalds to eat and the side of the road for Otie to have a break from the car seat.
Waiting to catch the DART train into Dublin

Hike to Glenda Loch

Trail to Upper Lake