Sunday, March 20, 2011

9 months, crawling and RSV

Milly is 9 months and crawling around. Different from her brother who when he could crawl- he never stopped moving, Milly will only crawl to get to things she wants and then is content to stay in one place. She likes to have a taste of anything she can pick up with her little fingers and she refuses to be spoon fed right now. She loves peas and anything that she can feed herself. Her stats are almost exactly what Otie's were, just slightly smaller. We've got big heads around here.
weight: 17lbs, 25%
height: 28 " (75%)
head: 46.5cm (95%)
This is how Milly spent the better part of a week with RSV. Fever and lethargic. It was sad. So so sad.
I love looking back at videos of Otie when he started crawling, so heres one of Milly June. Her arms look like a little gorilla's when she's crawling.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Otie's first day skiing

I took Otie to Alta for the "Ski free after 3". I wasn't sure how he would do so we just started with the rope toe and he LOVED it. He saw the lift and kept asking if, "we can go on that airplane", so we took a run.
I had a little harness for him but he kept pushing me away saying he wanted to do it by himself. It was the biggest workout of my life. The run up the lift took us about an hour to get down.
I really had the butterflies watching him try to ski. I felt so proud to be his mom.
Despite him crying hysterically all the way to the car because he was so tired, it was still the funnest day I've ever had skiing.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

St. George

We decided to go to St. George with Grandma and Mimi for a quick escape from the cold.
Mimi is turning 80 this year and did all the hikes with us. She's amazing!!

Mill was just happy to be along for the ride
We were having a little to much fun at the Sand Dunes
LOVE this pic with his curled toes. This boy loves the sand!
This was what the poor headphones looked like by the end of the trip. Notice the duct tape already on the one side. But nothing can stop this boy from watching Nemo in the car.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Itty bitty lacrosse

Otis had a blast at his lacrosse class in February.
He learned his favorite new game, "Red light, Green light" and so much fun playing with his friends.
So fun to see Otie and Laslo play together