Friday, January 15, 2010

Freestyle International World Cup

We went up to Deer Valley to the World Cup aerials and moguls with our favorites Molly and Ruby. It was SO nice to get up into the sun and blue skies of Park City and out of the doom and gloom of the disgusting inversion.
It was a fun little hike to get to the event. As you can see, Otis started out already needing a nap...
But he entertained himself eating snow and dancing to the music
These are rare pictures with him in a hat and gloves. He hates wearing them and usually pulls them off within seconds no matter how cold it is

Thanks for the great pictures Molly. She's an amazing photographer. Check out her blog here.
I had to leave a little early because this little man was exhausted. He fell into the deepest sleep on my back on the hike down. He was completely slumped over to one side making it impossible to walk. He didn't even wake up when I took him off and put him in the car to unload everything.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We're so excited...

I was sure it was a boy, that shows how right on my maternal instincts are. We can't wait. I don't think Otie has a clue at all, but we tell him there's a baby sister in my tummy and now he has to kiss my belly and say "Night night" before he goes to bed every night.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas morning

Christmas was so fun with Otis. He was more interested in carrying this bag around and wearing his stocking as a hat than he was in his presents.
He is really into hats right now and always wants to wear Tyler's and show me

Christmas Food Club

Some people meet each month to read books....
some people meet to knit...
we meet once a month to EAT! (Rachel and Mary missing)
For December we decided to invite the boys for a Christmas Sweater party

And as you can see, the sweaters did not disappoint.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Otie's best buddy Archie from London (who now lives in Austrailia) sent us this video of him saying Otie's name when he got his Christmas card. I had to post it, he's such a cute kid. We miss them!!