Saturday, November 12, 2011

Imagination- day 11 wearing cape

Halloween opened up a whole new world for Otis. It's like he realized for the first time that he can be anything or anyone he wants. He has insisted on wearing a dish towel for a cape every single day since. He flies to school, the park, everywhere.
Just making sure it's doing ok in the bath...
It's so amazing to see his imagination at work. He makes me feel like a kid again. He was flying past an older kid the other day and the boy said, "You can't fly! Those aren't wings, those are your arms". Otis didn't miss a step, he just zoomed by and yelled back, "I'm flying right now!" Nothing can stop this boy.
He literally will not take it off for anything
So we decided it was worth investing (£6) in a real cape for our super hero.
This video is so long. But I decided to take a break from parenting and try to get on film this character that Otis has created. He gets this scowl on his face and gets really aggressive. I thought I could protect him from the world and weapons, but he is clearly already obsessed with guns and I don't know where it comes from. Obviously, it is not a good idea to film your kids when they're being defiant, but if I followed this, I would never be able to get videos of my kids.

I have a few favorite parts in this, first when he says, "what could you possibly do about listening?" and if you can make it to the end when he's dancing in his new cape- he does this signature knee dance move of Heidi's that he's seen her do on the web cam and I almost die laughing.

Cycling in the English Countryside

It was so fun to go out to The Chilterns and cycle through the countryside with friends. We rode through quaint villages, past old churches and cottages. And after riding a tricycle with the kids around all the time, it felt great to be on my own on a normal bike.
Not my prettiest moment, but maybe my proudest. Emma got a flat and I changed the tire! I'd never done that without the help of a man.
If you've lived in a city, you know that words can not describe how good it feels to get out of the concrete jungle and breathe in some fresh air.
I returned home refreshed and renewed.

Daddy's Girl

This girl loves her dad. I mean L.O.V.E. loves him.
She seems to have forgotten all the sleepless nights I had nursing her. And she clearly knows that I am mama, but she has started refering to Ty as, "mama" and "dada"
When Ty gets home, Milly is giddy with excitement and will not have anything to do with me the rest of the night. If I try to take her from him, or take anything from Ty for that matter, she defiantly says, "no!"
It was cute at first, but now it's getting out of hand.
But I still love her, even when she dumps cereal all over the kitchen.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Messy Class and random pics

This is the best 2£ I've spent. You go in to this room, strip the kids down and they can just go at it with paint, sparkles and clay with no rules. It was fun to see the kids get so creative without any restrictions. We got our money's worth and left covered in paint from head to toe.
We live next to the street where the Royal Horse Artillery is so we often see the horses out training in the streets.
During Shabat at school- Mazel tov!
We are really into tools and building boats at our house right now
Otis at Princess Dianna Memorial Park
It hasn't been all fun. Both kids had croup last week and have been sleeping ALOT.
When the kids are grumpy or fighting, I can always give them each a pair of goggles to keep them happy for awhile.
And finally a little me time...Namaste.