Sunday, July 25, 2010

love her

A friend in my ward took these pictures of Milly. She just took them at her house in her kitchen. I love how they turned out and I love Milly.

love her little bum
love her tiny lips
love her smile
love her soft skin
love her long skinny toes and softer than anything soles of her feet
love the fold on her right ear (Otie has the same thing on his left)
love her button nose
love that she slept 8 hours last night- something Otie didn't do until he was 8 months
love the tiny newborn hair on her shoulders
love her
I didn't think it would be possible to love another baby as much as I love Otis. But I have found out that it is.

24th of July

sharing a snow one with Grandpa at Butlerville Days
Otis loved this but he was only concerned about one thing: finding the keys to drive.
We went up to Brighton with Ty's family, I love it up there
love this little hiker
you can barely see Otis at the door of the teepee

First at home haircut- oops

I looked at Otis the other night and thought his bangs were looking awkwardly long so I decided to get out the scissors and snip a little off. It looked diagonal so I snipped a little more to fix it. I kept snipping and snipping until it was beyond repair and he was in danger of losing an eye because he wouldn't hold still.

So I cut my losses and got out the clippers and just buzzed his head. After 4 popsicles and promises of trips to the zoo if he would hold still, he was a new man.

Happy birthday Owen!

Owen's birthday was July 11th and Otie hasn't stopped singing to him since. I love how he's pretending his little toys are candles to blow out.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The garden is growing!!

I can't believe how much taller our corn is than Otis already. He has become quite the little gardener, we just spent the last 30 min picking and eating all the first raspberries and yellow cherry tomatoes of the season!!

Pictures by Nicole

My friend Nicole is taking a photography class and needed a newborn for an assignment and we were the lucky ones! I love how the pictures turned out, I'm so impressed that she'd never done it before! Here are some of my favorites:

Of course Otis needed his picture taken too- this is the outfit he wears all day, everyday.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Father's Day and other pics

We went for a walk around Silver Lake at Brighton on Father's Day and showed Milly her namesake Milly Bowl- she was super excited about it.
Ty is the best Dad- I have to say that since I have known him I have never seen him as tired as he's been in the last few days. Having kids is hard, why didn't anyone warn us? He stays up late, helps with diapers in the night then goes on a bike ride every morning from 6am-8am before work.
I don't know what this stink face is that Milly is making in the pic below, but I love the wrinkles in her little chicken legs
Lately Milly sleeps peacefully most of the day...
Until Otis does this...
This little lady is going to have to be one tough cookie with this boy for an older brother

Miss Milly June

The talented Molly from Molly Jones Photography took some pictures of Milly. Here are a few that I stole from a sneak peak on her blog. I LOVE them!