Thursday, April 21, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham

For my birthday my mom and Grandma surprised me with 2 new chickens
This is Dr. Suess (because she lays green eggs)
This is Houdini (because she is impossible to catch or hold)
For Grandma's Annual Poetry Read-In we thought it would be appropriate to do "Green Eggs and Ham" and share our eggs from the week
Milly is so fascinated by them, but doesn't like them too close
Our daily eggs
Otie always comes in singing when there's a green egg
And just because I think it's funny, here is a vid of Otie catching one of the chickens. He is way better at holding them than I am

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Miss 10 months

Milly June is 10 months
And as sweet and lovable as ever
I have: 2 teeth, rosiest cheeks after naps, chunky thighs, ticklish belly
I can: stand up on furniture, crawl everywhere, survive a tumble down the wood stairs, sleep through the night
Says: mamama and dadada
Loves to: splash in the bath, snuggle, shake rattles and bang cups together, drink out of a sippy, follow Otie and watch him all day long, play peek-a-boo, watch the chickens, blow her lips when she wakes up, eat everything off the floor.
Hates: The swing. We've tried it twice at the park and she's terrified and shakes in fear. Getting her diaper changed.
Eats: 3 meals a day, not a picky eater at all. Nurses 2-3 times a day. Loves noodles, broccoli and peas
Milly spends most of her time on this little step between our kitchen and family room
Starting to stand up on furniture but is very cautious and careful

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lately at our house...

I turned 27 a few weeks ago and this was the highlight of my day
This little man is insisting on dressing himself these days. He will accept no help of any kind. If you even touch one article of clothing, he takes it off, puts it on the ground, twists it up and starts over. Below we had a day of all denim and then some formal snow wear. His aqua socks are a common also accessory to any successful outfit.
We loved General Conference this year. This is what we set up to attempt in our living room to keep Otie occupied
turned around while cleaning up dinner to see this:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Virginia is for lovers...but we won't be going back

We were lucky to visit the Maxfield's in Virginia. It was a great trip and we had such a fun time. I love my sister, but I have to say that we definitely won't be going back. Flying with 2 kids across the country is insane and I do not recommend it to anyone. A few quick highlights of the flights:
  • Otis going #2 three times on one flight
  • Climbing over a sleeping man, then attempting to hold Milly while wiping a little bum in a tiny bathroom, three times
  • Otis grabbing the guy's whisky bottle next to us, opening it and dumping it on Milly's blanket...if only I could've had a few sips to take the edge off.
  • watching the first 20 minutes of Monster's Inc. 4 times
  • giving Otis an obscene amount of suckers to keep him in his seat
  • making ridiculous promises such as presents and puppies and ponies to get Otis to keep his seat belt on.
Maybe I'm being dramatic, I know people fly with multiple children by themselves, but I'm not cut out for it!
Watching these super heroes play was totally worth it!
FHE with the Maxfield's is always a treat
I can safely assume that Otis is sneaking away from Owen after harassing him in some way. These boys are Best Frenemies for Life
oops, sorry Heidi. Oh and he did this on the carpet in your playroom too:)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Party in the back

Milly's rocking a really sweet mullet right now. I thought I should document it in case she wants to replicate the hair-do when she's a teenager.
You see this beautiful face and don't even know the surprise party she has going on in the back.
this is what her hair looks like most every day. A nice mix of dredlocks and a rat's nest
this is the inspiration behind it all...
So versatile, so many things you can do with a mullet...