Friday, May 22, 2009

Beach baby

Surfer dudeTyler is interviewing in New York and D.C. this week so we decided to come have some fun in the sun (and sand) The days of relaxing at the beach with a book are gone. Otis LOVES the sand and water. As soon as we get to the sand he starts trying to dive out of my arms so he can sink his teeth into it.

waving "hello"

Great view of his one tooth

Playing in the sand with Grandma Mimi

8 months

So happy to have our panda back- which means, the rest of our things finally arrived from London. Otis is 8 months and at such a fun age. He's zooming around all over the place and keeping us on our toes.

He's so fast- I was eating a donut the other day while I was holding him and in one speedy motion he grabbed a piece and stuffed it in his mouth before I could even blink. But it's not just donuts that he loves...we were just out on the grass and I looked away for a split second and looked back at him and he was chewing on something. I swiped it out and it was dog poo. Sick. But he seemed to enjoy it. I cleaned it out as good as I could, gagging him as I did. If he did swallow any, it wasn't much, so I'm trying not to worry about it.

He's standing up on anything and everything he can. He seems to be especially attracted to sharp corners. He loves people and will stare at strangers until he can get a smile out of them. He's just learning to wave to say hi. He loves books and will look at the pages intently.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kentucky, crawling, and sweet Sadie Louise

This is what we see when we go get Otie in the morning now
Otie conveniently decided to start standing up on things and crawling when I was in Kentucky watching he and Owen while Heidi had the babe
bath time
This picture is classic Otis the whole trip- always watching to see what cool Owen was up to and trying to do the same. Owen is so much fun.
getting ready for Bath time
Oh sweet Sadie! I was definitely lucky in Kentucky to be able to be there when she was born. I LOVE this girl (and her mother) and can't wait to see them again.
I meant to have this pic first, but couldn't figure out how to change the order. Sadie was born 11 days early thanks to the magic of castor oil and Heidi doing lunges around her neighborhood.
The trip to Kentucky was the best. I thought I was going to die of exhaustion trying to feed, bathe and keep up with a toddler and my new crawler. I don't know how people do it. Unfortunately for the Maxfield's, Otis wasn't going through the best stretch of sleeping and I think he kept them up in the night more than Sadie did. But we're back on track now and he's sleeping through the night.

Here is a video taken the day Otis started crawling