Saturday, August 28, 2010

Milly's first trip to the beach

We went to Southern California with alot of Ty's family and had the best time. Milly loved the beach almost as much as Otie. The combination of the cool breeze and ocean waves lulled her into a deep sleep the whole time at the beach. That plus lots of family to watch the kids made for some fun long surf sessions!

Uncle of the year award might have to go to "Winsty Winst" (as Otis has decided to call him)
Otie's favorite part of the trip was probably loading and unloading the surf boards because he would finally get his turn driving- this obsession of his is getting out of control
Milly's goofy smile with her tongue out
We brought the ergo for Milly, but Otis wanted to get some rides too.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shower for Nanny

Nanette is due with her baby girl in less than 2 months so we decided to celebrate
We put together an ABC book for the baby. Everyone drew a picture to go with a letter, it turned out so cute.
all the pages to the ABC book
and just to show how much Otie loves his godmother...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jordanelle Triathlon

I love being a mom. I feel like motherhood defines my life now (and probably forever) and it's the greatest thing in the world. Motherhood (or parenthood) forces you to lose yourself- it's amazing. But sometimes I feel like I can't find find myself, does that even make sense? In the last 10 weeks I've felt more joy than I ever could have imagined possible, but at times I've also felt like I was drowning in a sea of diapers, spit-up, laundry, nursery rhymes and name a few. I needed to get out and do something just for ME.

Throughout my pregnancy I was hoping that I would be healthy and recovered enough to do this triathlon. I'd done this one before so I knew the course and knew that I could just take my time and enjoy it. And enjoy it I did!
Me and my Dad before the start
I know I look high in this picture, but it is how I felt
I obviously wasn't the fastest one there, but I might have been the happiest. It was so nice to enjoy the solitude and the beauty of the whole course!
Remember that sea of diapers and throw up I mentioned? Well, Ty was literally swimming in it while I was basking the solitude of the race. Otie threw up after I left on Saturday morning. Then threw up multiple times while Ty was driving up to Jordanelle. After a few stops, a failed attempt to give Milly a bottle and some changes of clothes, they made it up there. I think his race was harder than mine that day. He looked like he'd been to battle when he walked up with Milly strapped to him and pushing a throw up covered Otis in the stroller.

She smiles

Little Milly is already over 2 months. She's been an easy baby (especially compared to Otie as a newborn) and it's so fun now that her personality is starting to come out a little.
She was 7lb 4 oz at birth
One month came so fast and was such a blur that we didn't snap a pic until 6wks
At her 2 month appointment she was 11 lbs and 23 inches

Maybe one of the greatest moments of my life so far (seriously) was when I saw Milly look up at Otie and smile for the first time.
love these eyes (even though for some reason this picture makes her look like a ghost)
a rare moment when Otis isn't poking her eyes or trying to "hug" her

Best neighbors ever

Not a day goes by without Otie asking "Where's Landon?" or "Where's Easton and Eli?" These are our next door neighbors who Otie absolutely ADORES. They are the cutest boys. Whenever we go in the backyard, Otis runs to the fence to see if they are outside. The video doesn't even do it justice.
looking for raspberries

feeding each other raspberries
It is so cute how they talk through the gap in the fence. I hope they never move and that they grow up best friends. I'm sure Milly will have crushes on all of them.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Our favorite Virginians came to visit in honor of Betsy's departure to Uruguay earlier this summer. Here are some highlights:
best buddies
Owen and Otie wanted pig tails just like Sadie's
Owen was so sweet and gentle holding Milly
At the zoo with Grandma
Last family picture before Bets left. Notice my child's blurred hand about to whack grandma in the head- we're working on being soft at our house.
Visit to Grandpa Bud and Gloria
Sadie LOVES her new cousin and always wanted to hold her
Oh the fun that little boys can find on a hot summer afternoon

Hermana Betsy Broadwater

My favorite little sister has abandoned me for 18 months for a mission for our church to Uruguay. Really, I am so proud of her and excited for the adventures she'll have- but I miss her so much it hurts. I still cry when I talk about her. But I believe in what she is teaching so I support her decision to do it 100%

puffy eyed saying goodbye at the airport
One last teeth cleaning- impressive ingenuity with the head lamp right?
Family at the Draper Temple
Oh how I miss this girl
p.s. Betsy was supposed to be in the MTC for 9 weeks in Argentina to learn Spanish, but when she got there they said she had such a good understanding of Spanish that she only needed 3 WEEKS in the MTC so she's already in Uruguay!! Keep her in your prayers!