Thursday, July 31, 2008

More from our trip to Utah and California

Swimming with Grandma Gloria

We love California! We couldn't get enough of the beach down there- it made us excited to move back there!

Ty and I out 'surfing'- I, of course, did not catch any waves- or even paddle for that matter- but it felt so good to just sit out there on a board and enjoy the ocean. I wish this was a side shot so you could see how ridiculous I looked trying to balance with this watermelon I'm carrying around these days!

My Mom and Dad surfing

Doheny Beach

Mr. Mohawk...isn't he a dream boat?

All the girls decided to stay an extra week in Balboa after the men left to go back and work. We had dogs and s'mores on the beach for dinner one night- it was a blast.

Snarfing down the dogs with Grandma Miriam

Betsy was the s'more MASTER! She made this contraption with hangers so she could hold it in the fire and let the chocolate melt onto the roasted mallow...mmmm

Owen after loving his first s'more

The trip wouldn't have been complete without eating at the Crab Cooker!

It was so fun to see friends and family at home. Thank you to everyone for coming to showers and making the time to visit with us! We're happy to be back in London and now are just getting ready for little Mr. Handsome to come!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home to Utah!!

We had a great trip home to the USA, just in time for the 4th of July. It felt so good to be back in the states. We packed in alot of fun in our time home, here are some highlights...

Midway with Ty's family after the Oakley Rodeo

Celebrating Owen's 1st birthday with him...he's holding his favorite birthday present from his favorite aunt and uncle

Baby shower at Nanette's new home

Silver Lake with Peggy. It felt so good to be in the mountains again!

Curry night with Scott and Minda

I had to take a picture of this meal- Scott is an amazing chef, he made so many different delicious dishes

After our time in Utah we headed to the beach in Newport- it was so fun to just lounge at the beach everyday with my family. I'll post some pictures soon.