Friday, April 30, 2010

18 month check-up

Otis has a new love for the camera on the computer
A little late, but we finally made it into the Dr. for Otie's 18 month check-up. During the appointment Otis dumped out my whole purse, found my keys and screamed "drive! drive!" about 100 times and constantly tried to stick his finger in the electrical socket. I think the Dr. got a good feel for what I do all day. But he charmed his way right into her heart because he kept pointing to her necklace saying "cute". Just for fun his stats:

Height: 33.5 inches (80th %)
Weight: 25 lbs 2 oz (50th %)- happy that he jumped up from the 10th percentile!

Our camera is broken but here are a few pics from Ty's phone and a few things Otie loves these days.

SHOES. He loves bringing us our shoes and wearing our shoes around the house
Otis loves nursery at church. But he also loves spinning in circles and running up and down the aisles during sacrament meeting. We're lucky if he lasts 5 minutes in one place these days.
My mom got this doggy mask from IKEA and Otis LOVES wearing it and barking
This is a hat Ty got in Peru, it fits Otis perfectly.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best baby buys...

I'm starting to grasp the thought that I'm actually going to have a newborn in the house in less than 2 months. Although I still am in somewhat denial about the whole thing, I've at least started to prepare. As I've gone through Otie's baby stuff I've found a few items that I LOVED for Otie and decided to post about them.

Sophie the giraffe
I can't tell you how many people in London told me this toy was a must-have. Well, when I went to the store and saw this rubber giraffe that looked like a dog toy for $20 I said no way. But when my mom was in London visiting and the 3rd person in a pub we were at had Sophie and told us to get it- she decided to get it for us. I can't explain it other that Otie loved it through all stages of grabbing, teething, throwing and it is worth every penny. Love it.

London Bus from Habitat.
photo from CC interiors
With the exception of Sophie the giraffe, I really prefer wooden toys. This is the only picture I have of this bus that Caitlin took. But it has double decker layers inside with slots for a full bus load of cute little wooden people. Otie has spent hours playing with this thing.

Speaking of wooden toys, this Wood Rooster made by Sassy was also a huge hit.
Deuter Kanga Kid Carrier
This is one of the BEST gifts we got. Ty's family gave it to us. We've taken this on so many trips. It's light weight and so functional. I love to compare this picture we took in Spain to the one snow shoeing last month. It's amazing how much his legs hang out now compared to when he zipped neatly right inside the pack.
This picture doesn't really show it, but we've also used the ergo carrier a ton. It's so comfy.
Phil n Ted's travel cot
Another perfect item for baby travel. It's amazing how light it is and how small it packs up. For everyday use a normal pack and play is way more practical, but we've gotten alot of use out of this. Otis loves scratching the mesh on this when he sleeps in it.

Beaba Babycook
This was a gift and I don't know that I would pay for this myself because a conventional steamer does the same job, but this does save some time. I loved this. It's a 2 in 1 steamer and mixer that makes making your own baby food a cinch. Because who knows what in the world is actually in some of those nasty baby food cans.

Bugaboo Bee
I did sell this when we moved back to Utah, but the was a dream to have for a big city. It was perfect for for getting around on the tube and busses. It was a sad day to see it go, but it just wasn't that practical for Utah.

But what was practical- and thanks to the many friends who helped me make the switch is the BOB. I love this thing so much- maybe too much.
I realized the other day that I'm as particular about and think of my stroller with as much love as I used to for my snowboards (of course the love is still there for the boards, just not using those quite as much these days). But what I love even more, is hearing Otie ask to ride in "the bob" everyday.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wheeler Farm

Otie is really into animals right now. His favorites are turtles and elephants. He yells for the "effafants" as we walk around wheeler farm.

Eliza, Winston, Molly and Otis
say cheese!
Eliza can only takes so many of Otie's hugs till she has to make a run for it
Thanks to Sarah for letting me steal the pics from her blog!

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a wonderful Easter. General Conference was so inspiring. I felt like so much of it was directed right to me. It made me feel so blessed to be a mother (and very overwhelmed with the responsibility that comes with it!)

Otie loved hunting for Easter eggs- he woke Betsy up to share his findings
Of course he didn't care about anything in his Easter basket and only wanted to throw around the easter grass
The loot.
I love how he says "open". He has a new love- if he sees a jelly bean he will not rest until it is safely in his mouth.