Sunday, February 28, 2010


We've had this harmonica for while now and Otie hasn't been able to figure it out. But thanks to his girlfriend Eliza, he watched her and finally figured it out. Now he won't put it down.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Otis very proud to be "holding" Sadie
patiently waiting in a locker to go swimming
Otie and Owen got haircuts together. We chopped his off. It was constantly in his eyes and starting to bug him

Meet me at the Pacific...

We met Heidi in California for some much needed sunshine. Her time here was such a blast, but it came and went to fast.

Otis LOVES Owen and Sadie, or "O-way" and "She-she" as he refers to them. He constantly calls out for "Oooo-waaayy" until Owen appears. I'm afraid he's going to sink into a depression now that his little buddy is back on the other side of the country.

Otis loves Sadie...maybe a little too much. His hugs could get a little aggressive
Otie enjoying his favorite meal...
Sadie also enjoyed her first feast of sand
Best buddies
It's amazing how long a bucket of sand and water can entertain these two
making castles with grandma
Yes, I did squeeze my big pregnant body into this old fluorescent wetsuit.
I think Heidi just wanted to get a picture next to me to make her look good. How could I be embarrassed in this wet suit when the colors so beautifully matched my boogie board?
Thanks to the Disney Give a Day, we all volunteered at the aquarium and got free passes to Disney Land. As you can see from this picture, this kids were thrilled to be there.
This car ride might have been the highlight of Otie's life so far. Grandpa even snuck back into the front of the line to go for round 2.
Taking a peek back to make sure "O-way" was still there

First and foremost, we missed Betsy in California. But the trip didn't end there, Heidi came to Utah for another week. More pictures to come...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Random January pictures

We were in California over New Years. Otis loved the Long Beach Aquarium, it is pretty amazing- or as Otis would say, "a-may-may".
Betsy and my mom were a little more apprehensive about petting the baby sharks and sting rays than Otis was
He was trying to climb in the whole time and was soaked by the time we left. We recently lost a shoe in the petting pool at the Sandy aquarium because Otis was trying to climb in so aggressively
He has turned into quite the little climber. He climbs on to anything he can and when he gets his balance he throws his arms up into the air to say "ta da!"

...and ta da!
We've had to hide this bike because he was taking to many crash landings onto his head from trying to balance on this tiny seat. Looks like he's practicing to hang ten...

He's already broken our dishwasher door from climbing on it, now I'm waiting for this drawer to break
He loves opening the fridge and saying, "hmmmm.....let's see...."
Otie loves his grandpa. As soon as we walk in their door he starts roaming the house yelling, "PAUL!"
love his little teeth
he's very proud to wear his daddy's sweat band
We have a swing in our front yard and just put up the toddler seat my parents gave us for Christmas. Otie LOVES it. It is no easy task to get him out of it. When you try he yells, "NO! Wing! Wing!"
Otis is turning into a little parrot, he just repeats everything you say. Just so I can remember, here a some of my favorite things he says:
  • Em-me-me (We had a friend over who kept saying my name and he started repeating it)
  • tu-tle (turtle, definitely his favorite animal because of Nan's pet)
  • "day-doo" (thank you)
  • "shoot!"
  • "open?" all day he brings me things and asks me to open them. This morning it was a flashlight and he was very disappointed when it didn't open
  • "boo boo boo" (peek-a-boo)
  • "air-pane" No matter what is going on around him, if there is the slightest sound of an airplane near by he'll stop what he's doing to point to the sky and yell for it.
  • "row row row"- asking for the song "Row row row your boat"
  • "Dee"- for some reason he says this when we wants the song, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"
  • "Pop!"- for the song "Popcorn popping on the apricot Tree". In his room at night when he's getting ready to go to bed I probably sing a medley of these 3 songs about 25 times. He usually only likes the first line of each before he's requesting the next one.
  • "hmmmm....let's see"
He's way into building towers right now. He carefully builds a few up then throws his arms up in the air in victory. Here's a video: