Monday, May 30, 2011

St. George Triathlon

We went down to St. George with the Littles to do the triathlon at Sand Hollow
Me and Ashlie before the race
the water was frreeeezing!
Finished! When I was coming back from the bike I saw Otis on the side yelling, "Go Mom go!" I cried- I sure love that little stinker.
Otis adores Will and Braxton

Blogging random pics to avoid my to-do list...

Otis is always showing off his "yoga moves"
...and his muscles
Milly June turned 11 months
and is still as cute as ever
don't be fooled, he usually doesn't like sharing with his sister
but he does love this little lady

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We're moving back...

Tyler got a job and we are moving back! Wow, as I write this tears are filling my eyes. Maybe it is a mix of excitement, fear, sadness and anticipation. It has all happened so fast that I don't feel like I have even processed it yet. Tyler really loved his job in Utah but couldn't pass up another opportunity to live in Europe. We are waiting for our work visa and are tentatively planning on moving in June. The plan is to go for a few years.

I LOVED living there, but it will be different with 2 kids this time. I already am having dreams (nightmares) of life with 2 kids, no car, taking the bus to the store, saving Otis from jumping in front of the tube and having to make new friends.

But the great thing this time is that I've done it before and I know I can do it. I can't wait to take Otis to the Science Museum or to see the dinosaurs at the Natural Museum. Or to take Milly to see the Crown Jewels when she starts liking princesses. Or to chase Otie on his scooter around Hampstead Heath. Otis will start pre-school there and I think he will love it. He asks me everyday when he can go to school.

Am I excited to live in a tiny apartment? No. Do I question if I can live away from our family and friends? Yes. Am I afraid that I will break down in uncontrollable sobs when Otis begs me to go to Grandma's every day? Yes. But I KNOW that this is the right thing for our family.

Remember this size of our fridge there? That should be interesting...
So here we go again. Off across the pond to another adventure. Cheerio!