Friday, August 28, 2009


Remember those days in elementary school? Snacks, pillows, books. They were my favorite days. I had big plans for today- lots of errands and cleaning to do. Instead we just did this all day...again, one of my favorite days.

Monday, August 17, 2009

B-ball with Dad

Our backyard doesn't have that much grass- when we were thinking about buying it, I thought it was a downside. Now I love it. Otis loves rolling everything around back there and I love not having to waste water on grass.Otis is hilarious trying to play with the big basketball. He tries with all his might to pick it up and since it weighs just about as much as he does it either topples him over or he drops it with a grunt a few seconds after her picks it up.

I promise he wears pants sometimes. But we thought it was a pretty sweet outfit with a dino hoody, no pants and corduroy shoes.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


The videos don't do it justice. But he makes this rolling 'r' sound all day. It is so endearing, it melts my heart.


Well, it is getting harder to get Otie to sit still for a picture, so in the first one I didn't get the whole sign that said 11 month and in the second one I barely got Otie.
11 things Otie is doing now
1. He rolls his "r's" to himself all day while he plays
2. He loves balls and dogs
3. He claps when he sees people he loves
4. He makes sounds with rhythm like he's counting things
5. He shivers then pees every time he gets in the bathtub
6. "Pat-a-cake" and "If your happy and you know it" are his favorite songs
7. He will only sit still when he's eating
8. He loves avocado, grapes and goldfish
9. If you look away for an instant he dashes to the closest toilet and splashes with delight
10 His favorite toy is his wooden double-decker bus
11. He gives the best kisses- only open mouth.

First steps...

Otie took his first steps back in July. The whole fam was there to motivate and cheer him on.
I just loved watching his little bambi legs trying to figure out how to walk. He also loves to watch the washing machine.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cali with Waltman's

While I'm on a roll blogging and Otie is napping, I thought I'd steal some pic's off Candace's blog and post about this fun trip.

Otie had so much fun at the beach with his cousins

And I loved the beach while Otie was napping

Ty and his brothers in Huntington

Frozen bananas in Balboa

Otie loved Winston so much he decided to wear a matching outfit

Maxfield's vist

I'm so far behind on blogging- we've been so busy.

Things I want to blog out:
-moving into a new house,
-Otie turning 11 months and running around like a maniac now
-Cali with Ty's fam
-celebrating our 4th anniversary

But for now, here are some pics the fun with them

Anderson Family reunion
Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house

lots of swimming

best buddies

lots of early morning waterskiing- Otie isn't sure how he feels about a lifejacket

clapping for fireworks on the 24th

biked up Millcreek for delicious breakfast

licking the fountain at the zoo- I've decided to pick my battles with the germs I worry about

reading stories with Gpa B