Monday, October 29, 2007

Tasty Sensations

Just FYI....I have added my sister Heidi's recipe blog, Tasty Sensations, to my favorite blog list. If you're in need of a great recipe, you'll find alot there. She is an amazing cook with alot of fun recipes- alot that have pictures of the meals when she's made them!

Friday, October 26, 2007


My wonderful cousin Miranda tagged me to list 6 things that people pay not know about me. It was hard for me to think, I feel like an apen book, but here goes...

1. All the Reality TV shows that everyone complains about and makes fun of....I love them all. Ty wouldn't tell you himself, but he can't get enough of it either... (Oh he just read this and says that he's proud of it)

2. I've waterskiied naked in the middle of a beautiful sunny blue sky day

3. I have tiny ears, I can't fit any ipod earphones in them. I have to use the ones made for kids.

4. I was on the JV tennis team my sophmore, junior....and senior year of high school.

5. I'm really grossed out by fingernail clippings (namely the one's Ty lets shoot all over the bathroom when he cuts them), but I have no problem leaving used floss around the house.

6. I've been a dental hygienist officially for 6 months now and have worked 3 days and that number won' t likely increase for the next 2 years. After 5 years of college, I'm probably going to be a nanny.

Now for the 6 people I am tagging...

Heidi Maxfield
Nanette Hosenfeld
Karen Shaw
Marnae Bake
Mckenzie Johnson
Sarah Metcalfe

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cheerio Mates!

After months of anticipation we're finally here in London! We're staying in a flat downtown for 2 weeks while we look for a permanent place. I feel like we've walked about 50 miles in our first few days here. I'm usually exhausted and completely spent by 2 or 3 in the afternoon, but luckily I'm married to Mr. Positive so he keeps me going all day. I love being here with Ty, everything is "SO awesome" and "so incredible". I'm not as comfortable in this city yet, it's so massive I just can't imagine fitting in here. But I know I will grow to love it more and more everyday, especially once we our settled in and can get into a routine.

I was thinking that 2 weeks was going to be plently of time to find a place to live, but now I'm not so sure. We think we've narrowed it down to either live in Islington or Hamstead Heath. There is so much diversity here. We had an awesome experience at church today. Church was held in an elementary school in downtown London. There were only about 80 members, 70 of which were African immigrants. I had a hard time before trying to understand British accents, but throw in an African accent as well and I felt like they were speaking a completely different language. Many of the women in the ward were wearing traditional African clothes and headdresses, it was so cool to be there. Unfortunately we don't think that we'll be in this ward permanently!

We hope to see you all soon! Let us know when you're coming for a visit, we have blow up mattresses all ready for you! I'll post pictures of our flat as soon as we move in.

The London Bridge
Our first dinner here
We love the market at Portobello Road! I don't know who this random guy is, I just liked the sign
In front of the Marble Arch by Hyde Park
Ty in front of the building he's going to work in at Bishopsgate

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So long, farewell!!

This is a picture of us with the moving van. We're off to London tomorrow morning! We are so excited for this new adventure( although I may not look excited in this picture). We love you all and will miss you. I will post some pictures ASAP once we find our flat!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Turkey & Greece are Nothing Compared to Kentucky

I'm visiting my favorite sister in Kentucky right now.
Check out some of the highlights of my trip so far...
If you don't know who this bust is, you must not be familiar with extra crispy or original Kentucky Fried Chicken. Colonel Sanders is the founder.
Me & Owen having a moment of silence for the Colonel.

My sister Heidi and I made these awesome zucchini brownies.
Not. The brownies were like goop.

Tyler's New Do


Halfway Through the Haircut...
Frontal shot....
Finished Product.
Who's jealous?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Sitting in the New Mosque in Istanbul
I had to cover my head in all the mosques. They wouldn't let Tyler in one mosque becuase he was wearing shorts so he had to wrap one of the head scarfs around him like a skirt to cover his legs, it was pretty funny. I had a hard time being reverent in the mosque with Tyler walking around in a skirt.
Ty eating the "McTurco" from Mcdonalds in Turkey (it was so nasty!)
The Cave of the Apocalypse in Patmos where John wrote the book of Revelations
Ephesis where Paul wrote his epistle to the Ephesians
Samos, Greece
Our beautiful faces after our night train and 24 hour journey from Athens to Istanbul
The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

After the Turkish bath they wrapped us in a million towels and put us in a room that was about 110 degrees to sweat out all the toxins...that's why my face looks like I have a major sunburn or just ran 5 miles. We just laughed our heads off.
Night time during Ramadan
Waffles with Nico in NYC!! I was so happy we got to stay at their awesome apartment, they were such gracious hosts!!
The parthenon at the Acropolis
Our well balance diet for every lunch and dinner on the trip: Gyros from street vendors for $1.50! Sometimes we'd go big for dinner and get a greek salad...I think we ate about 10 lbs of feta cheese on the trip.