Friday, October 26, 2007


My wonderful cousin Miranda tagged me to list 6 things that people pay not know about me. It was hard for me to think, I feel like an apen book, but here goes...

1. All the Reality TV shows that everyone complains about and makes fun of....I love them all. Ty wouldn't tell you himself, but he can't get enough of it either... (Oh he just read this and says that he's proud of it)

2. I've waterskiied naked in the middle of a beautiful sunny blue sky day

3. I have tiny ears, I can't fit any ipod earphones in them. I have to use the ones made for kids.

4. I was on the JV tennis team my sophmore, junior....and senior year of high school.

5. I'm really grossed out by fingernail clippings (namely the one's Ty lets shoot all over the bathroom when he cuts them), but I have no problem leaving used floss around the house.

6. I've been a dental hygienist officially for 6 months now and have worked 3 days and that number won' t likely increase for the next 2 years. After 5 years of college, I'm probably going to be a nanny.

Now for the 6 people I am tagging...

Heidi Maxfield
Nanette Hosenfeld
Karen Shaw
Marnae Bake
Mckenzie Johnson
Sarah Metcalfe


Karen said...

naked skiing?! My only question is...WHO WAS IN THE BOAT?! :) I can vouch for the tiny ears thing! I think we have the same mouth (teeth) and same ears! Man we were just destined to be friends!

Nanette said...

I know who was in the boat(:
I'm working on our blog so that I can reply!

Maxfield Family said...

I'm not doing it.:)

Maxfield Family said...

P.S. I'm reading Kite Runner now and love it. I'm going to have Matt read it.

Seth and Heidi said...

and who was right along side you on that jv team sophomore, junior, and senior years? Yep, me.

Janessa said...

Those are great! To be honest, I wasn't too suprised about the naked skiing!! :}