Monday, November 5, 2007

A day to see the sights

The National Portrait Gallery- I was trying to get the cool cab in the picture, but I only got the back of it

Ty in front of the WestminsterAbbey
Buckingham Palace
The London Temple
We found the booth to get theater tickets for half price. We saw Spamalot and it was hilarious!
Trafalgar Square
Big Ben


Maxfield Family said...

AWESOME Em! Can't wait to come out.

Sarah said...

em! it looks great. i am so happy you are settled!

broadwater said...

Oh my heck I haven't even checked your blog because I didn't think you would do it before you got internet. It was so wonderful to actually see where you live. I too am excited about coming.

Eric & Kate Anderson said...

hey! your home looks great! the fridge...that's hilarious. wow we really need to plan a time to come see you ok? hope ty's work is going well.

dhgals said...

It sickens me how much I miss this place...You are truly living my dream. I wish you two all the best there. And you better believe I'll be trying my hardest to come back and see you.