Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beach with "Zaider-rader"

We met up with some good friends from London who are now living in San Diego for a reunion for our boys. They were born within days of each other at the same hospital in London and were pals as babies and we knew these mischevious 2 year olds would be best friends and partners in crime.
Otie and Zaid
And here they are when they couldn't get into quite as much trouble together... I laugh out loud every time I see this picture-Otis had some meat on those bones:)
And this picture just makes my heart melt. It is just the perfect picture of pure childhood happiness. Two buddies holding hands at the beach, Otis completely airborne with excitement...I love it.
Zaid's mom Kate happens to be an amazing photographer and she took some pics of the kids playing. They really were quick snapshots she took while we were hanging out but I feel like I ended up with pictures from a photoshoot.
This one of Milly I LOVE.
oh and this one too...
another one that makes my heart skip a beat. Ty's protecting arm around her and Mill clinging to his arm...I can barely look at it without a tear coming to my eyes.
I guess I don't need to give a cheesy commentary on every picture, so here are a few others from the day


We're just waiting on our work visas now so we've spent some time at the beach. Otis really love the water this time.