Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Orphan Child

Tonight at a Christmas party someone said, "Milly is so cute. Even though she always looks like a little orphan, she is so cute!" I can't be offended, because as I look through pictures, I think she has a really valid point.
My general policy is that if no one is crying or bleeding then things are fine. So if my children look like orphans, at least they look like happy orphans.
I admit that I could spend a little more time on her hair so she can at least see. Notice Otie's new smile for the camera.
Proof that I do, in fact, bathe my children
In other news, Milly is 18 months and went to nursery for the first time last Sunday! Otis was SO excited that she got to go with him.
Although she does often look straight off the set of the movie, "Annie", I love this girl so much. I love how excited she is to find Eddy the Elf every morning. I love how much she loves books and turning the pages by herself. I love how she likes to walk with me next to the stroller and hold hands. I love how she runs away when she steals something from Otis or when it's time to change her diaper. I love how she imitates everything Otis does. I love/hate how she prefers Tyler over me. I love how she says, "hold me". I love how she always stays close to me in a crowd. I love how she grabs my face to pull me in for a kiss.
I love how she rubs her plate all over her hair after every meal. I love how she says, "O-Dee!" when it's time to pick him up from school. I love how she loves to snuggle in just her towel for awhile after the bath. She has the sweetest nature and is so loving. I know she is the cutest thing, even if I don't spend my mornings braiding her hair.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Waited in line for a long time for this gem...
at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
We got our tree tonight! We had to carry home the one we chose, so we opted for this mini. I love it.
Dont mind the ninja on the wall
My mom made this advent calendar for us for Christmas last year. I love it- Otis is so excited about it every morning. And he LOVES finding the Elf on the Shelf each morning.
No chimney for the stockings this year